An effective Risk Management strategy will reduce the frequency of traffic violations, accidents and vehicle breakdowns, making your fleet assets safer while reducing the risk of liability and providing unparalleled peace of mind.

EnGenX provides fleet managers with real-time information to track individual driver activity and alert you during instances of unsafe or unauthorized driving. With EnGenX’s engine diagnostics/telemetry tools, you can be assured that your fleet assets are in safe and proper working condition out on the road.

What you should know about Driver Activity Tracking:

  • Research shows that speeding is a factor in nearly 1/3 of all crash-related fatalities.
  • Speeding tickets will raise your insurance rates.
  • EnGenX sends Over-speed alerts when drivers are speeding or driving aggressively.
  • Customizable reports allow you to benchmark driver behavior over time and make the necessary corrections.
  • Asset Tracking tools lets you know exactly what your drivers are doing – where they are and how fast they’re going at all times.
  • Unauthorized Use alerts notify you when vehicles are being used outside of pre-set business hours without permission.
  • Geofencing alerts notify you when vehicles exit authorized areas.
  • Monitor engine/PTO status to be sure that engines are off during the loading or off-loading of hazardous cargo.

Preventative Maintenance is Key to a Safe Fleet.

  • Engine diagnostics support a pro-active preventative maintenance program that will reduce vehicle break-downs that interrupt schedules and result in costly repairs.
  • Keeping your fleet up to date on all maintenance helps to ensure that your vehicles operate safely, reducing risk of accidents.

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