A Culture of Innovation – The Relentless Push of Technology

True innovation happens when new insights are backed with the experience of a diversified team of passionate individuals.  At EnGenX, we gain insight in many different ways.  First we’re in a continuous dialogue with our customers about their own business challenges, and we work together to explore every possible angle to developing solutions that allow them to be more efficient, more economical, more environmentally-friendly and, of course, more profitable.

In many cases, the latest features added to EnGenX are a result of a conversation with a customer who asked “What if…?”  It’s our favorite question and it drives us to push technology as far as possible in order to give them the best answer.

We gain fresh insight by exploring the specific industry that we’re serving as well as industries that may seem completely unrelated, such as gaming development, robotics, wireless mesh technologies and fully-autonomous drones.  It’s not unusual to see our developers deconstructing a flight simulator application on an iPhone or demoing the latest RC devices in the office conference room.  By staying on top of these various technologies, we can find new ways to enhance our own products and bring greater value to our customers.

Finally, we remind ourselves everyday to ask “why,” challenge the impossible and never settle for “good enough.”