When you get right down to it, everything you do to optimize your fleet operations, from efficient routing to smarter driving, will translate into lower costs and greater profitability.

EnGenX provides you the tools you need to reduce costs in virtually every element of your mobile fleet operation. If you can measure it, you can control it. And if you can control it, you can bring down costs with EnGenX.

How can EnGenX reduce costs?

  • Optimized Routing

    • Eliminate paper maps and white boards, streamlining operations and improving productivity.
    • Fewer miles traveled means reduces fuel costs, CO2 emissions and less wear and tear on vehicles.
    • Allows for more stops in day. If your driver is currently averaging 10 stops a day, a more efficient route plan may allow them to add another stop, making them more productive and more profitable.
  • A Pro-Active Fleet Maintenance Program

    • Extends the life of your vehicles and increases resale value.
    • Improves vehicle performance.
    • Minimizes service interruptions.
    • Reduces wear and tear on engines/vehicles.
    • Reduces unscheduled repairs/costs.
  • Driver/Technician Activity Tracking:

    • Engine Idle Reduction reduces unnecessary fuel consumption.
    • Fewer speeding incidents.
    • Fewer accidents.
    • Better vehicle performance.
    • Lower maintenance costs.
    • Lower insurance premiums.
    • Better MPG.

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