Getting your drivers and technicians involved is critical to the success of your ongoing fleet optimization efforts. EnGenX is the carrot and the stick.

It’s a myth that fleet management tools are designed to punish drivers and make their lives miserable. While it’s true that EnGenX provides fleet managers and business owners with accurate, actionable information about driver behavior, it’s also a powerful tool for rewarding exemplary performance. In addition, EnGenX’s Route Recon feature defends drivers against unfair or inaccurate complaints.

EnGenX’s Customizable Driver Reports show how driving habits impact your bottom line.

  • Alerts for speeding and aggressive driving
    • Reduce MPG.
    • Increase CO2 emissions.
    • Increase wear and tear on vehicles.
    • Result in speeding violations which increase insurance premiums.
  • Reward drivers for success in a wide range of performance indicators.
    • Engine idle reduction.
    • CO2 emission reduction.
    • Improved MPG.
    • Reduced fuel costs.
    • Reduced incidence of speeding.
    • Meeting company standards for trip and stop durations.

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