Your customers rely on you to provide continuous, reliable utility services around the clock, in any weather. If there is an outage, they want their service restored as quickly as possible. With EnGenX real-time routing capabilities, you can be there, fast.

EnGenX provides utility fleet dispatchers and managers a powerful set of real-time routing and engine diagnostic/telemetry tools designed to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet resources. Now EnGenX can help utilities implement eco-friendly fleet management strategies by monitoring engine idle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as MPG, fuel burn and CO2 emissions across various speed bands.

Easily integrates with industry-leading applications.

  • ArcMap™
  • Dispatch/scheduling
  • Billing
  • Work order management
  • Accounting
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Call center

Powerful Web-based Mapping Features Increase Productivity.

  • Addresses are automatically pinned and identified as worksites, customer locations, resource start and end locations.
  • Map views are customizable by area, work-zones or specific streets.
  • One click to see detailed information – from technician name to vehicle status, direction, speed and more.
  • Point-to-Point or route planning for the day.
  • Real-time updates with 2-minute “pings” and “on-the-fly” route changes.
  • Nearest vehicle feature allows you to identify vehicles best positioned to respond to emergencies or unforeseen schedule changes.
  • Two-way messaging allows you to be in constant contact with technicians.
  • Route Recon feature to reconstruct a detailed review of a technician’s route/activity throughout the day, allows you to quickly see where efficiencies gain be gained.
  • Geofence and Landmark tools identify areas or locations on a map for quick reference.
      o Alerts can be sent to notify you when vehicles enter, exit or are approaching designated areas. o The system tracks arrival and departure times, and calculates time spend on site.

Engine Diagnostics track vehicle maintenance for better performance.

  • EnGenX notifies you when vehicles have reached a pre-determined maintenance interval based on mileage or hours of service.
  • Alerts for engine performance such as coolant temps or oil pressure to identify problems and avoid costly breakdowns at the job site.
  • Extends the life of your vehicles/heavy equipment and increases resale value.
  • Improves vehicle performance.
  • Minimizes service interruptions.
  • Reduces wear and tear on engines/vehicles.
  • Reduces unscheduled repairs/costs.

EnGenX gives you powerful web-based tools to analyze your fleet’s fuel consumption and take control of your fuel costs.

  • Optimized routes eliminate unnecessary mileage and fuel consumption.
  • Identify and correct fuel-wasting driver behavior such as speeding or aggressive driving.
  • Engine diagnostics monitor MPG, RPM's, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption rate across speed bands to identify most efficient speed.
  • Engine Idle Report identifies unnecessary engine idling that can burn up to a gallon of fuel per hour.
  • Improved vehicle performance through better maintenance
  • Combine mileage data with fuel consumption to determine true MPG versus EPA estimates for vehicle.
  • Fuel Purchase Tracking allows you to easily identify fuel theft or unauthorized use of fuel cards by comparing real-time vehicle location data against fuel transactions.

Driver/Technician Activity Tracking:

  • Engine Idle Reduction reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Fewer speeding incidents.
  • Fewer accidents.
  • Better MPG.

Put some teeth into your Green-Up initiatives.

  • Greening-Up your fleet sends a strong message to your customers that you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and be a positive impact on the environment.
  • Effectively reduce carbon footprint by:
    • Reducing miles traveled through optimized routes.
    • Improve fuel efficiency by reducing speeding and excess idling.
    • Monitor engine diagnostics to identify poorly performing vehicles.
    • Track and trend CO2 emissions to put teeth into Green Initiatives.

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