Whether your business is delivering flowers across town or families across North America, optimizing the use of human and mobile fleet assets will drive increased profitability.

Over-the-road or across town, the success of your delivery business depends upon how efficiently you can manage your fleet. Routing? Scheduling? Maintenance? Cost Reduction? EnGenX gives you the tools you need to optimize your fleet operations and deliver value to your customers.

Efficient Routing Reduces Costs.

  • Eliminate paper maps and white boards, streamlining operations and improving productivity.
  • Fast, intuitive routing features are designed with dispatchers in mind.
  • Can be fully integrated with most dispatching systems.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation gets drivers and their cargo to their destination on time, the first time.
  • Reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Reduces wear and tear on vehicles.
  • Allows for more stops in day. If your driver is currently averaging 10 stops a day, a more efficient route plan may allow them to add another stop, making them more productive and more profitable.

Make sure your cargo is secure.

  • Sensors to detect unauthorized access.
  • Opening and closing of doors.
  • Ignition on/off status.

Powerful Web-based Mapping Features Increase Productivity.

  • Addresses are automatically pinned and identified as worksites, customer locations, resource start and end locations.
  • Build pick-up and delivery schedules that maximize resources.
  • Map views are customizable by area, work-zones or specific streets.
  • One click to see detailed information – from driver name to vehicle status, direction, speed and more.
  • Point-to-Point or route planning for the day.
  • Real-time updates with 2-minute “pings” and “on-the-fly” route changes.
  • Two-way messaging allows you to be in constant contact with drivers.
  • Route Recon feature reconstructs a detailed review of a driver’s route/activity throughout the day, allowing you to quickly see where efficiencies can be gained.
  • Geofence and Landmark tools identify areas or locations on a map for quick reference.
    • Alerts can be sent to notify you when vehicles enter, exit or are approaching designated areas.
    • The system tracks arrival and departure times, and calculates time spend on site.

Engine Diagnostics track vehicle maintenance for better performance.

  • Notifies you when vehicles have reached a pre-determined maintenance intervals based on mileage, dates or hours of service.
  • Maintenance alerts emailed to designated individuals.
  • Engine diagnostics allow for alerts for engine performance such as coolant temps or oil pressure to identify problems and avoid costly breakdowns on the road.
  • Track vehicle service/repair history to calculate exact cost of ownership for each vehicle.
  • All data is accessible for one year.
  • Connect individual drivers to vehicle maintenance history to determine how driving impacts maintenance requirements.

Powerful web-based tools to analyze your fleet’s fuel consumption and take control of your fuel costs.

  • Identify and correct fuel-wasting driver behavior such as speeding or aggressive driving.
  • Engine diagnostics monitor MPG, RPM's and fuel consumption rate across speed bands to identify most efficient speed.
  • Engine Idle Report identifies unnecessary engine idling that can burn up to a gallon of fuel per hour.
  • Combine mileage data with fuel consumption to determine true MPG versus EPA estimates for vehicle.
  • Fuel Purchase Tracking allows you to easily identify fuel theft or unauthorized use of fuel cards by comparing real-time vehicle location data against fuel transactions.

Driver/Technician Activity Tracking:

  • Engine Idle Reduction reduces fuel consumption.
  • Over-speed alerts reduce incidence of speeding.
  • Fewer accidents.
  • Better vehicle performance.
  • Lower insurance premiums.
  • Better MPG.
  • Unauthorized Usage alerts.

Automated Fuel Tax Reporting

  • Eliminate labor-intensive manual reporting processes.
  • Automatically generates accurate IFTA reports by state.
  • Reports can be set for automatic delivery via email.
  • Detailed, accurate reports keep your fleet in regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce risk of being audited/fined for non-compliance.

Automated Driver Logs

  • Automatically generates DOT compliant HOS logs.
  • Improve efficiency of load assignments by driver.
  • Reports can be set for automatic delivery via email.
  • Detailed, accurate reports keep you in regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce risk of being audited and/or fined for non-compliance.

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