EnGenX’s Engine Diagnostics and Telemetry tools tie directly into your vehicle’s onboard computer to relay critical, real-time information about a vehicle’s performance.

EnGenX Engine Diagnostics/Telemetry Features:

  • Alerts for engine performance such coolant temps or oil pressure to identify problems and avoid costly breakdowns on the road.
  • Notifies you when vehicles have reached a pre-determined maintenance intervals based on mileage, dates or hours of service.
  • Maintenance alerts emailed to designated individuals.
  • Service alerts can be set for:
    • oil changes
    • tire rotation
    • brake inspection
    • hose replacement
    • tune-ups
    • Specialty equipment maintenance
  • Monitor MPG, RPM's, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption rate across speed bands to identify most efficient speed.
  • Identify and correct fuel-wasting driver behavior such as speeding or aggressive driving.
  • Engine Idle Report identifies unnecessary engine idling that can burn up to a gallon of fuel per hour.
  • Combine mileage data with fuel consumption to determine true MPG versus EPA estimates for vehicle.

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